The Path to Happiness

Happy New Year!
After a few months of inconsistent posting, I’m ready to get back on track! I’d like to start with this poem I found by Patricia Guinn. It describes a common longing for a life of happiness and where to find it. Hope you enjoy!

The Path to Happiness by Patricia Guinn

Where lies our horn of plenty
Will we find it here on earth
Does it reside within our heart
From the moment of our birth

Where lies the path to happiness
That many strive to find
Is it born within our soul
Is it planted in our mind

Do our decisions lead us
Or has God alredy paved the way
Can we change what will become
Do we even have a say

Will our love and faith in Him
Bring the promise He foretold
Will He walk beside us now
To ease our heavy loads

Not all of us get to live this life
With ease and security
Hard luck knocks on many doors
The future we cannot see

But we have the hope of His promise
And by keeping our eyes on Him
Someday these things won’t matter
For He has forgiven our sin

If we give our lives to Jesus
And try to walk His road
We can look ahead to a future so bright
Where there will be no heavy loads

~Patricia Guinn

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