Welcome to the blog ~ I’m so excited to be on this new and incredible journey!

What is Unrelenting Freedom? I’m glad you asked!

un·re·lent·ing – not yielding in strength or determination
ˌənrəˈlen(t)iNG/ adjective

free·dom – the power to live without hindrance
ˈfrēdəm/ noun

Unrelenting freedom is the unstoppable ability to live a life free from the shackles of fear, shame, and any other insecurities we struggle with. No matter our past, God has a plan for our future and nothing from our past can hinder our ability to experience this freedom. Physical strength and individual determination will never be enough; therefore the Holy Spirit has given us the opportunity to fully trust Him with whatever we encounter in this life. I have experienced this unrelenting freedom first hand – it’s amazing – and with the calling of the Holy Spirit, I will encourage others to experience it too!

I pray you are blessed, inspired, and encouraged by what is written in this blog.

~Emily Jones Petty